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Audio-Visual Translation

Audio-visual translation covers a wide variety of translation services enabling the use of multiple forms of expression through multimedia formats. The best known of these services among the general public are dubbing and subtitling for television or the film industry, although they are also very important in other areas where it is necessary to use multilingual audio-visual material such as, for instance, business presentations or court cases.

At ALBOR, we work in all common text, audio and video formats, and we can provide our clients with all the languages on the market.

In this sector, we offer such services as audio and video transcriptions, subtitling, voiceovers, and dubbing.

Transcription enables any information in audio or video format (whether digital or otherwise) into a written format. We work with all the most common formats: mp4, mp3, wav, mov, avi, mpeg, etc., on audio tapes, DVD, CD, VHS video, and for any kind of contents: lectures, conferences, seminars, meetings, press conferences, trials, speeches, interviews, etc.

You can submit the material to be transcribed by courier or ftp upload and we will provide a no-commitment estimate, including the price and approximate delivery date. Delivery may be in Word, PDF or plain text format, or as hard copy, as the client prefers.

In addition, whenever requested, the documents transcribed can be subjected to a revision process to verify the correct use of terminology and idioms and to avoid linguistic interference.

Transcription and translation of audios or videos

In many cases, the transcription has to be complemented by a translation. For this purpose, a native speaker of the original language transcribes the text first and then a native speaker of the target language translates the text transcribed.

In subtitling, the information is translated and adapted from a particular audio format for synchronized display at the bottom of the screen. In the translation process, it is necessary to use both the image and the audio stream to fit the text into the specific limitations of time and space associated with subtitling. The next stage involves a technique known as spotting to place the subtitle on screen in the right place and for long enough to be read comfortably.

The complete process is available at ALBOR: the transcription of the script, its translation, subtitling, spotting, and the publication of the graphic material for delivery in any video format. All of the above carried out by our audio-visual translation teams comprising professional native speakers.

We offer a high-quality service: we verify the correct number of characters and lines per subtitle, and the duration of their display so that the end result is perfect.

We can provide voiceover services for videos, documentaries, commercials, and institutional or corporate presentations requiring the recording of additional language tracks.

Our agency can call on professional dubbing and voiceover actors in over 30 languages, all with extensive experience in the sector and used to adapting this kind of multimedia resource to other languages.

At ALBOR, we can also provide other related services in combination with audio-visual translation, such as:

  • Translation of audio books
  • Translation of e learning contents (on-line training)
  • Translation of audio format tour guides
  • Translation of audio guides for museums, exhibitions, etc.
  • Translation of film scripts, documentaries, corporate videos, etc.

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