Audiovisual translations

We can translate any type of multimedia content, such as videos or presentations, which is known as audiovisual translation, in order to provide you with scripts, subtitles and transcripts, among other options. Our solution can also include the transcription of the original materials.

About audiovisual translation

Audiovisual translation covers a wide range of translation services that allow the use of multiple means of expression through multimedia formats. The most well-known of these services are dubbing and subtitling, thanks to television and the cinema. They are also very important in other contexts where it is vital you communicate with your target audience through multilingual audiovisual material, such as corporate presentations and legal proceedings.
At Albor, we are experienced in working with all the usual text, audio and video formats, and we provide our clients with all the languages on the market.
Within this area, we offer services such as audio and video transcription, subtitling, voice-over translation and dubbing.

Types of texts we specialize in

Transcription from audio or video to text

Transcription allows any information provided in audio or video format (digital or otherwise) to be converted into written text. We work with all of the most common formats (mp4, mp3, wav, mov, avi, mpeg, etc., and with audio tapes, DVDs and CDs) for any type of content, including lectures and conferences, congresses and conventions, seminars, meetings, press conferences, trials, speeches, interviews, etc.

Voice-over translation for videos

This method consists of keeping the original voices, which can still be heard at all times in the video, and adding the translation audio so that it plays a few seconds later. This option is chosen most often for documentaries, advertisements, and institutional and corporate voice-overs that need to be recorded in another language.

Video subtitling

Through subtitling, videos can reach a much wider audience and make materials more accessible to more people, such as people with hearing impairments. You also have the benefit of retaining the voices of the original interpretation by the original actors. Our solution offers you the complete process: transcription of the script, translation, subtitling, timing, editing of the graphic material and delivery in any video format.


Unlike subtitling, dubbing allows users to hear the content in their preferred language. It is also the ideal option for people who are visually impaired or who cannot read subtitles for any other reason. We work alongside qualified and experienced professional translators, adapters and dubbing actors so you can have access to a wide range of different voices. Our team will carry out all the necessary adjustments and take care of synchronising the video and adapting the script.

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