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In the performance of their work for ALBOR all freelance translators must comply with the requirements listed below:

All translators must be registered as self-employed or comply with all legal requirements to be able to issue invoices as a company. ALBOR, S.L. reserves the right to request the submission by translators of the Certificate for Contractors and Subcontractors (only for translators resident in Spain).
The deadlines agreed with ALBOR must be respected in all cases, unless any change in the time or means for delivery has been agreed in advance with ALBOR, except where there are demonstrable causes of force majeure.
The names of the files delivered must never be changed except for the inclusion of "_" plus the ISO code of the language at the end of the file name. For example, if the original is called “contract.doc” and is translated into English, the translated file must be called “contract_en.doc.”
Translators are responsible for checking their own work through a meticulous verification of the texts translated. You must make sure that the meaning of the text has been conveyed correctly, that there are no omissions or errors, and that any specifications defined by the client and notified by ALBOR are complied with. Furthermore, no translation may be submitted without running the spell check.
The layout of the original will be respected wherever possible. When the original has been provided as an editable digital file, the translation will be produced using the original format. When only available as a hard copy or image file, all efforts will be made to retain a format similar to the original, including the translation of headers and footers, the insertion of text formatting (bold, italic, etc.), the creation of contents lists and indices, and other basic elements of word processing.
Whenever translators are asked to work with a translation memory, you must deliver both the final text and the exported TM. For any doubts or technical queries, translators must contact ALBOR.
Every translator must submit a single invoice at the end of each month, indicating the translations produced (order code, file name, number of words and applicable rate). All invoices must be submitted between the last day of the month and the 5th of the following month. All invoices must set out the bank details (IBAN and Swift code for international transfers).
Before entering into any collaboration with ALBOR, all translators and interpreters must obligatorily submit by mail, together with a photocopy of your ID card or passport and a copy of your CV, the attached collaboration agreement and the attached Non-Disclosure Agreement, duly completed and signed.




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