Questions frequently asked about interpretation services

Yes, we can provide all equipment necessary, including: soundproofed booths and consoles for the interpreters, microphones for the conference room, receivers and headsets, and everything needed to prepare the simultaneous interpretation service for your event. Furthermore, we can also provide portable equipment known as “Infoport systems” for use in whispered interpretation or on guided tours of facilities, factories, etc. This equipment comprises a microphone for the interpreter and headsets for the audience.
The type of event, its approximate duration, the number of participants, the number of languages for which interpretation is required, budget and the technical conditions of the venue where the event is to be held: Simultaneous interpretation offers the following advantages: It guarantees the best communication of speeches in multiple languages. The event or congress does not take any longer because of the interpretation. Consecutive interpretation offers the following advantages: Normally only one interpreter is required, although this will depend on the duration of the event. No technical equipment is required.
It is important to remember that consecutive interpretation makes the event take longer as the interpreter only speaks after the main speaker has finished. For instance, if a speech is scheduled to last for 1 hour, the event will take up to 2 hours to give the original speech and then its consecutive translation.
Generally speaking, this will depend on the budget available and the quality the organizer wishes to provide. Simultaneous interpretation using a permanent or temporary booth is the service that provides the highest quality for participants due to its transparency, and also because technical staff are present to resolve any incident arising with the sound and/or audio-visual equipment. An infoport systems offers the advantage of greater economy but it is usually restricted to small events with up to 20 or 30 people and with more limited audio-visual systems. This system is also recommended for guided tours.

Questions frequently asked about Translation services

Professional translators who are native speakers of the target language you request, all with experience and specializing in different areas (law, economics, computing, health care and medicine, textiles, advertising, technical subjects).
This is a translation certified by a professional holding an official appointment as a “Translator-Intérprete Jurado” (sworn translator-interpreter) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation. Certified translations are valid for all official purposes and always bear the stamp of the sworn translator, indicating his or her contact details (name, address, telephone number, and the languages he or she is qualified to work in).
Whenever this is required by the authority or administration receiving the translation for certain procedures, such as for the recognition of foreign qualifications, registration of documents, administrative acts, certificates issued by different bodies, etc.
It is always recommendable to provide the original documents so that the sworn translator has no problem indicating the stamps on the document, the type of paper used or other special characteristics.
This is the minimum charge that will be applied for producing a translation, regardless of the number of words. The cost of a translation depends on the languages involved and the number of words to be translated; the minimum rate is applied to very short translations.
Whenever a translation has to be delivered in less than 24 hours or, due to the requirements of the client, our normal delivery deadlines cannot be applied to the volume of text involved.
The time taken to produce a translation depends on multiple factors: the volume of the text, the language combination, the format and medium of the originals, the complexity of the text in question, … In general, the average daily output of a professional translator is 2,000 words but, if you need a project translated by a specific deadline, please contact us as soon as possible and we will try to give you an accurate idea of whether it is possible to meet your delivery requirements.
Depending on the language combination and the number of words.We are always at your disposal to prepare an approximate estimate of your translations in advance.

Questions frequently asked about the payment for our services

Yes; in some cases, it is not possible to know the exact number of words in a document, so the estimates are for guidance only. We always indicate the tariff to be applied for the translation and the approximate amount. Once the translation is ready, a final word count is produced and at that point it is possible to determine the total amount to be invoiced.
You can pay: In cash at our offices, located at Calle Zurbano 72, 2nd floor, Flat J, in 28010 Madrid. We are open from 9:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m., without interruption. By crossed cheque, made out to ALBOR TRANSLATION OFFICE S.L., sent to our offices. By bank transfer. Please request our bank details if you prefer to use this method. By direct debit. In this case, you provide your bank details and we will proceed to collect the amount of the invoice from your account on the due date.
When an estimate is accepted and the firm order placed, payment of 50% of the estimated amount must be made on account. Payment of the remaining 50% will be on delivery of the work. In the case of translations delivered electronically, the account must be settled up in advance.
Yes; it is possible to come to an arrangement for regular professional relationships or to agree on specific payment terms for a particular project or engagement.

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