Proofreading and copy editing

Poorly written copy or texts containing spelling or grammatical errors lead to poor communication. We can assign your documents to a member of our team who specialises in the relevant language to ensure they are written correctly and your message gets across.

About proofreading and copy editing

A text that is poorly written or contains spelling or grammatical errors leads to poor communication. This can impair the message you wish to convey and the image of whoever is conveying it. If you want to communicate a clear image and a clear message, it is crucial to check your end product before it is used. At Albor, we offer you two services that ensure fluent readability and optimal communication


Our proofreading process is designed to standardise and unify a text (in line with your criteria) with regard to grammar, spelling, formatting and layout, without altering its style.
Our proofreaders will remove grammatical errors and typos bearing in mind up-to-date rules on grammar and language usage, and also make appropriate typographical corrections (italics, bold type, quotation marks, numbering and so on).
If the texts have already undergone the DTP process, our proofreaders also focus on removing white spaces and those in between texts and lines, as well as detecting additional issues such as widows and orphans, repetitions and incorrect spacing between words.

Copy editing

This is a more in-depth process than proofreading. Copy editing consists of reviewing a text and making corrections to the content and improvements to its quality.
In addition to correcting any spelling (spellchecking) and grammar errors, our experts work on the text to match its wording, structure and other stylistic elements to the message you want to convey . Our aim is to ensure that the document is clear and readable and that it makes sense.
Any obstacles to fluent readability are removed and we add new elements to ensure the quality of the text to help it reach the intended audience with ease. We remove or rephrase ambiguous sentences or redundant wording and correct semantic or structural inconsistencies. We check that the terminology is suited to your intended audience and improve the text’s lexical accuracy.

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