Social Responsibility

As a company we are committed to quality and excellent service, providing our clients with expertise and professionalism in the translation and interpretation sector through commitment, courteous attention and honesty.

To this end we have put in place an ethical code as the cornerstone inspiring and defining the way we work.

The team at Albor commits to and demonstrates:

  • Responsibility in their actions.
  • Fulfilment of the commitments undertaken.
  • Competency in the execution of their work to meet quality and efficiency parameters.
  • Transparency and communication in all processes to achieve a climate of trust and confidence.
  • Dignified and respectful in personal dealings.

Personal data protection: We ensure the protection of all personal information stored and exchanged as part of ALBOR’s activities.

We comply with the requirements contained in the current Personal Data Protection Act (Fundamental Law 15 dated December 13th, 1999). Commitment with regard to competitors:

At ALBOR, we do not deal unfairly with other companies in the sector nor do we take advantage of confidential information obtained other than through legal channels. We strive to ensure mutual respect and the achievement of a free market.

Appropriate use of electronic and computing tools:

The staff of ALBOR make use of the computing tools provided on conditions in line with the activities of their posts and functions; they are not used for personal gain, nor abused in any way, and any actions that might harm the reputation or image of ALBOR are banned.

No employee of ALBOR, during the execution of their activities, will disclose or transmit any illegal, sexist, abusive, slanderous, obscene, racist, pornographic material, nor anything else not authorized in current legislation.

Confidentiality: We maintain the strictest levels of professional secrecy. All of ALBOR’s employees preserve the confidentiality of all information handled by them in the course of their professional activities. Any information that might be revealed, whether orally, in writing or by any other means or medium, to which the staff of ALBOR may have access in the course of their professional activities will be treated as Confidential Information.

Respect for the Environment:
We economize in the use of paper.
All documents for personal or internal use are printed on both sides.
Air conditioning is used sparingly while always respecting the comfort of all those working in the office.
Lighting in the office is carefully controlled, turning off all unnecessary lamps.
We recycle all used paper, newspapers, magazines, cans and bottles.
Products are purchased in large format packaging so as to generate less waste.
Computers and printers are set to enter sleep mode whenever possible.
We seek and try to develop innovative solutions to mitigate environmental risks.
Since 2009, as suppliers to Abengoa, we have collaborated in their carbon footprint campaign by calculating the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the professional services rendered to them.
The aim is to have a clear understanding of our greenhouse gas emissions in order to achieve, through good sustainability practices, our annual reduction targets.


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